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Procrastinate much ?

June 10, 20231 min read

“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.” - John Wooden

Sam was going to therapy.....

...but only because his wife of 10 years wanted him to. She wanted him to change his behaviors, ‘be nicer to her’ and thought a therapist might be able to make that happen. It didn't.

Sam needed coaching

Sam did NOT want to go to therapy. He didn’t believe that he needed it and was checking off the ✅ ‘went to therapy’ box to make her happy.


When we met for our JumpStart Discovery Call, he told me that he was a procrastinator and procrastinated ‘everything, all the time’.


Not exactly the whole truth.


Digging a little deeper we discovered that this was not entirely true because he did not do this at work ..…or with friends.


Especially at work because there could be consequences (bosses don’t love it when employees don’t do the things when they are supposed to do the things, right?).


So, he did the things to

  • ✅ keep the boss happy

  • ✅ to keep the job and

  • ✅ the paycheck


And his boss never nagged him.


But, dang! The wife did nag…..a LOT....all the time. Which felt completely emasculating to him.


“I’ve got a mother, I do NOT need her always telling me what to do.”


Sam doesn’t need therapy. He knows WHAT to do (he’s a smart guy, like you) but stops himself short of following through.


What Sam DID need was support and encouragement to get a different outcome to both him and his wife. Sam needed a Coach!


If you’ve ever thought, “I know what to do and I’m NOT gonna do it” even if it stalls out your relationship, we need to talk.

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Delee D'Arcy

For 30 years Delee D'Arcy has been working with clients around communication, anger and relationships.

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