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Brain Unblocked: The Brainspotting Podcast

In this podcast with host Carolyn Robistow, Delee talks about her experience with the Balanced Productivity Blueprint. She shares the brain blocks that were keeping her stalled out and in her own way and her decision point that led her to investigating whether or not brainspotting might be the key to her unhelpful work habits.

Speaking on success podcast

In this podcast with host Carissa Karner, Delee equips you with practical strategies for improving effective communication to strengthen your relationships and persevere through overwhelming challenges.

They discuss: how to create more intimacy in your relationship with the right communication tools. What you might be getting wrong when it comes to communication and how to redirect your inner compass. The best way to deal with an argument so that both partners feel heard. If you want better communication with anyone in your life then this is the episode for you!

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